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Welcome to Taking a Hike! A blog dedicated to sharing our adventures, giving honest reviews about our gear, and promoting going out and walking this wonderful country we live in. So, please do us all a favor, Go Take a Hike!


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Hudson Highlands: Breakneck Ridge

Breakneck Ridge. Named after all the broken legs that have occurred climbing to its peak. The crown jewel of hiking in the Hudson Valley. Home to upwards of 1,700 visitors on its busiest days. That last little tidbit is the main reason why we have stayed away for so long. Going hiking should be peaceful, … Continue reading Hudson Highlands: Breakneck Ridge


Fahnestock: Catfish Loop

After a few weeks of no hiking due to life things, I managed to get back out on the trails this morning. Jackie was away on a business trip, Robby with the grandparents, so I invited the next best thing, my buddy Josh. We had a little bit of a time constraint, so I figured … Continue reading Fahnestock: Catfish Loop


Gear Review: Backpack

When hiking, besides boots, I feel a good backpack is essential. It should almost become a part of you. With so many options out there, I had a hard time deciding which one I would get. Seeing as we are dayhikers, I didn’t need a large pack. Price was also a concern, I didn’t want … Continue reading Gear Review: Backpack


Michael Ciaiola Conservation Area

After dropping the little one off at his first day of preschool, we drove over to Patterson, NY to the Michael Ciaiola Conservation Area. This hike has popped up on my AllTrails app periodically, and we have passed it when driving to Connecticut. On AllTrails, it is rated as hard and a 5.4 mile loop. … Continue reading Michael Ciaiola Conservation Area

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