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We started our adventure the way we usually do, with a hearty breakfast. This morning we decided on Hudson Hil’s Cafe in Cold Spring. A perfect start at 8AM on a Sunday morning. After consuming shirred eggs, a breakfast burrito, and a few cups of coffee we were off. We chose to do Clarence Fahnestock State Park, which has been our go to for hiking, since it is literally our backyard. We have already done many of the trails in the park, and what I find fun is connecting various trails to make loops, out-and-backs, and lollipops. The possibilities are endless!

We began the hike starting on Route 301 on the northern side. There you will find the trailhead for the Charcoal Burners Trail. Following the red trailmarkers for Charcoal Burners, we came up to the junction with the white blazed Cabot Trail. We headed west down the Cabot Trail. About halfway down the trail you come to Jordan Pond. It appeared to have a trail that had good views of the pond, but we did not go that way unfortunately. We continued along and were able to get close to the pond, but I had to stand on some rocks and lean out to get some decent shots of the pond with Glynwood in the background.

Finishing up the Cabot Trail, you join up with the yellow blazed Perkins Trail. While the beginning if this trail was not difficult at all, it was definitely one of the most beautiful parts of the hike. You essentially walk through Topfield Equestrian Center and Glynwood. Walking through this area you have beautiful horses on one side, and farmers hard at work right on the other side. Things like this amaze me, after walking through the woods you come out into these beautiful meadows that you would never know were there.

Continuing through the Perkins Trail you make your way back to a wooded area. Walking along it is mostly downhill, still nothing too hard. Eventually you come up to Clove Creek, which runs along the driveway to Glynwood. We have been getting our vegetables from the farm for about 4 years now, and we never knew that a trail was right there. What a different perspective than driving through!

You cross the Glynwood Driveway and start an ascent up a hill where you come to the Fahnestock Trail junction. Continuing west keeps you on the Perkins Trail which overlaps with the Fahnestock Trail. We ventured north on the blue blazed Fahnestock  Trail, which runs along I’m guessing the Clove Creek Pond. You get to see some work from the beavers along the way. Eventually, you meet up again with the red blazed Charcoal Burners trail, the two trails joining up at Beaver Pond. Here we sat for a few minutes at the waters edge and just enjoyed the beauty and tranquility of the afternoon.

After our brief rest, we continued south to the Charcoal Burners trail, heading east on the Fahnestock Trail would connect you to the Appalachian Trail. So south it was, heading back the way we came to our car.

Overall, this hike was lots of fun. While fairly long at 7.5 miles, it offered lots of different scenery. It was pretty easy as well, no extreme ascents or descents, and well marked trails. The only people we saw was literally towards the end. Other than that, it was us and nature.

Click here to view our hike from start to finish!

One comment on “A Sunday Morning Stroll Through Fahnestock

  1. Jackie says:

    I loved this hike! Such beautiful scenery and great company too 😉 I agree that my favorite part was coming up to Topfield Equestrian Center and Glynwood. Can’t wait to see more of this gorgeous area!

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