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After a few weeks hiatus from hiking, we’re back. We managed to get in a quick one today before the all important task of getting beer. Our friends Josh and Kathy were planning a trip to Tree House Brewing and do a hike before, so they invited us, and we tagged along. After working 8 straight days, I needed the break.

As is the norm with Jackie and I, food is very important to us, so we always try to get in a good breakfast. We need something to burn off on the hike. We stopped at Boyds Corner Deli for some delicious breakfast sandwiches. We picked Josh and Kathy up, and hit the road for Monson, MA.

Fast forward 2 hours, after a boring drive through Connecticut on I-84, we stopped for an all important bathroom break, coffee break, and because why not, some pastries for a snack at the Sturbridge Publick House. 25 minutes later we pulled up to Peaked Mountain.


We chose to hike the red trail, which is 2 miles long and is a loop that brings you to the summit. It begins with a gradual ascent on a very wide trail, where the only hard parts are getting over the goddamned “speedbumps” ( basically gutters that they dug out to prevent erosion). There were lots of ferns, and a tiny little pond that I felt was a good spot to stop and admire (mostly because my calves were killing me).


Continuing to follow the red trail, it opened up to an easy, level, wide path. So far this hike had been pretty easy. Following the trails were fairly easy, there was obvious paths, but the markers were very difficult to see. It was just painted red on trees for the most part, and being partially colorblind, I couldn’t see them for shit. Clearer markers would have helped.

After the easy part, it starts to get little harder. Nothing crazy, just climbing over more rocks and narrower paths. After a little hiking, you come up to the first viewpoint. Really beautiful views of the valley, and you think to yourself, this is really beautiful, but you aren’t done. Oh no, you’re just getting started. You still have to get to the summit.

Walking up to the summit you traverse up a rocky slope. The last ascent is worth it, you get beautiful views of the surrounding area, which is pretty much forest. It’s a good area to sit, relax, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and crack open a couple of beers.

Overall, a nice quick hike. I’d rate it easy to moderate. It’s a 45 minute hike, but took us longer for stopping and enjoying everything. Only ran in to a few people, but never felt crowded. If you’re in the area to pick up beer from Tree House, or antiquing through Sturbridge, Brimfield, or Monson, stop here, and enjoy the view. And then go get some BBQ at B.T.’s Smokehouse.


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