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Hiking with a four-year old. That has haunted us for the past year. We haven’t done it yet, but have always wanted to. We want Robby to get outdoors and appreciate where we live just like us. Too many kids are glued to tablets and TV’s, no one plays outside anymore. Today, we took the plunge and brought him on a hike. We found the easiest hike we can in the area, Pelton Pond in Fahnestock State Park. It’s just under a mile, and relatively easy terrain. We invited a few friends along, because why not throw a 3-year-old and an 18 month old into the mix.

Arriving at Pelton Pond, there is a spacious parking lot which can fill up fast, as there are lots of picnic sites to enjoy. We began going southwest on the yellow blazed trail. Walking past some picnic tables, you are always within site of the pond. There are lots of trees down along the path, some from the handiwork of beavers.

The second half of the loop has more “climbing”, but nothing too crazy. The kids were able to do most parts on their own. There is a little more up and down, but still nothing a person who has the ability to walk can’t handle. You get a nice view across the pond to the pavilion. Coming up and around a bend you arrive at the bathrooms, then a quick one minute walk to the parking lot.

I would have liked to write more, but there isn’t that much else to say. It’s a nice scenic view of the pond, easy to traverse, not much else you can ask for. I will say that in the .9 miles, we saw more people than we have on any other trail in Fahnestock. Lots of fishing, grilling, and picnicking going on. As for the kids, they surprised us. They were able to keep up, in fact they led most of the way. It’s also nice because they see stuff we miss. We had to stop a lot, but it allowed us to take in our surroundings while they looked at bugs and trees. After today, we won’t hesitate to take Robby along with us, in fact, we are looking forward to it.

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