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It was Sunday. I got a text from my friend Josh. He wanted to know if I wanted to take a hike Tuesday evening. Sure, I usually don’t do anything Tuesday evenings, and I haven’t done an evening hike yet. Josh was fresh off a trip to the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion National, basically a bunch of places that made me jealous. With limited time, I figured we could do part of the hike that Jackie and I had done not too long ago. The view is out to the west, and maybe we can get a nice sunset in.

Parking at the Hubbard Lodge, we walked around the lodge past the butterfly garden for a quick walk through the woods to meet up with the white/blue blazed School Mountain Road/ Fahnestock Trail. Passing over a couple of steel plate bridges, you come up to the junction with the Hubbard Loop. Jackie and I didn’t do this part the last time, so Josh and I took it.

Passing through the stone pillars, you follow the yellow blazed Hubbard Loop. The trail is easy to travel over. It’s fairly wide and level, passing through stone walls. Remnants of the Hubbard estate are evident all around, from the stone walls, a root cellar, miscellaneous pots and pans strewn around.

Getting back onto School Mountain Road, you come up to another newish trail, the Round Hill Bypass trail. There is a Round Hill bypass trailhead on Route 301, but they extended it to meet up with School Mountain Road. Being pressed for time, we took the bypass. It’s a gradual ascent up to the bottom of Round Hill.

Finally, you come up to Round Hill, taking the blue blazed Fahnestock Trail up to the summit. At the top, you get wonderful views of the West, across the Hudson to West Point. The sun was just beginning to set, so we hung out for about 10 minutes, then began our descent. The lower we got, the darker it got. It was getting tough to see, but we managed to find our way back.

I never really thought about taking an evening hike before, but I have a feeling there will be some more of these in our future.

See the recording of our hike here

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