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Today’s hike was spent enjoying another beautiful fall day. In my quest to hike every trail in Fahnestock, I knocked another two off the list. Only a few left to go.

Parking on Route 301 on the westbound side is the start of the trail for Charcoal Burners. Follow the Red blazed trail all the way to the end. It’s a fairly narrow, level trail, until you reach Beaver Pond. Once you go past Beaver Pond you begin to ascend to the top of the hill. Once at the top of the hill there’s a nice opening where you can look out to the surrounding hills. Continuing on you come to the end of Charcoal Burners and join up with the blue Wiccopee Trail.

When you join up with the Wiccopee Trail, it is mostly a downhill trail. If you look at the pictures below you will see Jackie posing up on a rock. It was right after this picture that she slipped and fell on her ass. No hiking trip is complete without Jackie falling at some point.

On the Wiccopee Trail you come to the white blazed Clove Creek Trail. This trail is much like the others, just a simple walk through the woods. We then joined up with the blue Fahnestock Trail. There were a few points on this trail that were hard to follow, due to the fallen leaves and some missing trail markers. We found our way thanks to a freaky flock of birds that seemed to number in the thousands. They kept flying to the next point, and as we approached they would take off in a thunderous roar of flapping wings. We finally went in another direction and eventually met back up with the Charcoal Burners Trail.

While not challenging, this was just one of those perfect hikes. Beautiful weather, quiet, relaxing, and good company. All combined, those make for a great hike.

See the map of our hike here

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