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Taking a Hike was started by Greg and Jackie Canton to share our experiences hiking. We are novice hikers who just begun our journey in 2016. What started out with a walk through what is essentially our backyard, has turned into a passion for hiking. Rain or shine, easy or hard, there is nothing that is going to stop us. Whenever we can, we are going to enjoy this beautiful country. So go and Take a Hike!


Besides hiking, Greg enjoys beer, fishing, baseball, and beer. And also spending time with his son Robby. He works as the craft beer guy at DeCicco & Sons in Brewster, NY, where he gets to spend his days talking about beer, pouring beer, drinking beer, selling beer, and other beer related things. He really likes beer. I guarantee right now he’s drinking a beer (he is).


Greg will let Jackie write whatever she wants here.

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